What kind of influence has the Coronavirus on our short term rental portfolio?

At this point in time, the total supply of vacation rentals in the UK hasn’t responded in any major way to Covid-19. No huge drop-offs, and no massive push to remove properties from the marketplace.

Here are some crucial ways in which our short-term rentals are more resistant to the impacts of the Coronavirus than hotels, cruises, and airlines:

– Vacation rentals are often in more remote locations with less direct exposure to other travelers.

– Vacation rental guests often visit destinations within driving distance which allow them to bypass the potential risks of airline travel.

– Because vacation rentals are booked further in advance than hotels (and in larger groups), canceling is often more cumbersome.

– Vacation rentals impose tougher cancelation policies that motivate travelers to stick with their plans.

The safety of our guests is priority number one, and all our properties will always receive a thorough clean between stays.

Max Kastanje

Max Kastanje