In October 2019, we acquired this spacious five-bedroom property in Newport, Wales. Due to the location of the property and the huge demand for serviced apartments in Newport, we decided to market this property on Airbnb, and direct bookings from our network of contractors and hospital staff.

The project went live on 1st of December and has seen a stable increase of occupancy ever since then. With more good reviews coming in we expect to have earned our investment back 6 months after starting this project. Offering us a 28% ROI a year and the investors that have helped us finace this project a 8% return on their investment.

Together with our managing partner we have created a beautiful project and on solid addition to our hospiltality portfolio. In 2020 we will acquire at least 6 more serviced apartments to supply the demand that Newport so despirately requires.

More information about this project can be found by following the link.

Max Kastanje

Max Kastanje