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Freedom, long-term wealth and escaping our corporate jobs is what drew us to become real estate investors. After having worked in the health sector as head of Human Resources Max decided that he didn’t want to be part of the rat’s race anymore. With some of his own cash and that of another investor, he purchased his first flip property in Wales, making a 22% return on investment on his first deal.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” — Warren Buffett

Promagem and Promagem Investments have been growing ever since, acquiring multiple flips, and HMO’s to increase cash flow. All of these have been financed by and with investors offering an 8% annualized return on their investment.



Due to a high level of liquidity, Promagem is able to acquire the #1 ranked properties first.


Promagem uses its own professional, stress test-based, ranking system in order to select the #1 property investment opportunities continuously.

High Return & Low Risk

At Promagem we believe an average of 20%++ return on investment per annum on property sales and 10.5% return on investment per annum on property rentals is achievable in 100% of the deals due to smart ranking.

Expertise & Integrity

Promagem provides investors with huge property investment opportunities, based on their many years of experience and their broad sector knowledge:

  • EUR 1.2 million capital raised in previous funds​

  • 5+ years of experience in sourcing below market value residential properties

  • 5+ years of venture capital experience

  • 25+ exits

  • 5+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the European Union, the Middle East, and the US.

  • 20+ percent average ROI in previous properties deals

Our Most Important Process Elements

Under Market Value Property

There are indicators distinguishing a great property deal from a basic one. The seller must have a sense of urgency to dispose of the property. Often the property goes to auction, but our trained sourcing partners know how to lay ahold of these properties before they are presented to the general public.

Sourcing Partners

We carefully select our sourcing partners that are trained property deal finders operating in their home market. They discover property investment opportunities 35% or more below market value, supported by their existing network of local individuals, bankers, lawyers, auctioneers, and repossession experts.

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